Our aim is to promote start-up companies in chemistry and related fields, such as industrial biotechnology, bioeconomy, and process engineering. For this purpose, we have launched the open platform “Forum Startup Chemie”. This initiative stands for transparency and continuous support for young ventures, starting from the first business idea up to market success. Our objective is to contribute to a significant increase in the number of innovative chemical start-ups and to improve their probability of succeeding by simplifying the access to established companies, infrastructures, information, and investors. In addition, where possible, we align existing initiatives and, where necessary, establish new ones to support start-ups in all development phases optimally.


  • Developing a support network for start-ups, covering all development phases
  • If required, bringing together a “team of founders” to enable innovative ideas to develop into entrepreneurial solutions
  • Identifying crucial stages in the founding process and growth phase, followed by offering targeted support measures
  • Introducing interesting opportunities for investors
  • Presenting innovative technologies and processes to future customers and industry
  • Improving the political and legal framework for start-ups


The “Forum Startup Chemie” is a national initiative, with close contacts to other European initiatives, organizations, and start-ups. Any organization or person interested is very welcome to join the initiative as a stakeholder. The “task force teams” assigned within the initiative are responsible for giving expert advice, arranging a professional exchange, and developing methods and standards in defined areas. The biannual Stakeholders’ Meeting is a chance for all stakeholders to participate in an open discussion platform of the “Forum Startup Chemie” to facilitate an exchange of ideas and impulses. The Coordination Committee, consisting of the representatives of the initiating organizations and supporters, creates the organizational framework for cooperation